The Sevillian Countryside

The course of the Guadalquivir River from Cordoba to Seville, and its extension up to the beginning of the marshes of Doñana, creates a large curve which to the west leaves an extensive area of countryside.
The Guadalquivir River, crossed by the riverbeds of the Guadiamar, Corbones and Genil rivers, is the geographic reference to the north that borders the area of this landscape territory, while in the south, the foothills of the southern mountain range establish a clear boundary in which the large extensions of crops and olive fields are lost in the midst. In this large area, the soil’s richness, the ease for obtaining water in many regions and proximity to the large Sevillian metropolis lead to a process of human development in which cultures flourished, leaving a highly important archaeological richness that has been very linked to the proliferation of the urban phenomenon since the beginning. This characteristic highly represents the presence of man in this environment which, maintained throughout history to present day, has made up the network of average cities and brought together a large part of today’s population, setting groups according to an equidistant connection that distributes them with an evident attempt for economic profitability of the natural resources and which, as a consequence, have accumulated a great part of a very prominent patrimonial legacy in which the development of distinct features and the exchange of influences between different cultural points can be observed.